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Health care sector

hospitals, residential care centers, home care, psychiatry,...

Group accommodations

holiday centers, boarding schools, universities, youth accommodation, sports facilities,...


detention centers, prisons, asylum centers, police cells, defense,...


Mattresses and bed linen with care

The Sampli mattresses are from today in accordance with the new MDR 2017-745 for medical devices class 1.

Welcome to Sampli, producer of mattresses for the healthcare sector,...

Sampli is a family business, founded by the Lioen family in 1970, which today has grown into a full-fledged SME with 20 employees. The family, Belgian character was always retained and concepts such as 'flexibility', 'customization', 'after-sales service' and 'sustainable entrepreneurship' became increasingly important over the years.

Our recent buildings in Brakel offer considerable storage options, which guarantees fast delivery. The mattresses are customized in our own production department and we are happy to welcome our clients in our spacious, well-arranged showroom. A sales team of 5 external sales consultants and a commercial office staff is permanently available to our clientele.


Sampli, our products

Our mattresses and accessories meet the strictest standards in the field of pressure ulcer prevention, fire safety, hygiene, the environment, ... Instead of broadening our range, we consciously choose to delve more into our existing collection. The rapid technical evolution at production level is an appropriate response to the increasingly higher demands of today's society.

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Sampli, our customers

From the early years, Sampli consciously focused on the healthcare sector. It started as a supplier of bed textiles to nursing homes and hospitals, to later start up its own production department and grow into the market leader in the production and distribution of mattresses and accessories for the entire healthcare sector. Since 2000, Sampli has also been paying more and more attention to deliveries to non-medical group accommodations (holiday centers, youth hostels, boarding schools, ...) and government institutions (detention centers, army, boarding schools, ...). Finally, part of the production goes to our neighboring countries such as France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

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Mattresses and bed linen with care

Sampli, employees & workshop...

Some of our clients...


Mattresses and bed linen with care

Sampli NV

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Industrielaan 40, B-9660 Brakel | Google Maps
tel +32 55 45 58 67 | fax +32 55 45 69 86
mail info@sampli.com